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We can't keep these in stock in our Bakery! Must try cookie.

Chef Kathleen went all out on this cookie!

Homemade sugar free toffee, our sugar free chocolate chips, pecans, unsweetened coconut flakes.... You'll have a hard time finding your favorite part, and that's ok... only 3 carbs per cookie so you can have another!

Since 2018, Zambawango’s desserts and pastries are changing the dessert landscape. Our creations embrace healthy, all natural alternatives to grain flours and refined sugar… We are THE Low Carb destination Bakery where you can indulge without cheating on your sugar free, low carb lifestyle! We also cater to Atlanta businesses and organizations, big and small!

Our Executive Pastry Chef and her talented team have developed recipes that use almond and coconut flours, Swerve™  a non-GMO, all natural plant based sweetener, allulose — an all natural sweetener classified as a zero glycemic “rare sugar” — 99% chocolate, butter, eggs, cream and other wholesome ingredients.