My Name Is Jose Jimenez I Actually Discovered Zambawango Shortly After The
Bakery Opened About What I Say About Two Or Three Years Ago.

The Reason I Found It Was Because It's Important For My Health I Have Lived With Diabetes Since 2000 When I Was Diagnosed With The Illness.

One Of The Biggest Challenges Any Diabetic Faces And I Face It Too Is Finding Right The Right Things To Eat The Right Diet So That We Can Control The Illness

What George And Zambawango Provided Was Beyond That Obviously Any One Of Us Can Go To The Grocery Store Read The Grocery Information And Make Decisions About What Is Right For Our Diets But

I Feel That Zamawango Took That To Another Level!

I Remember Being In Awe Of All The Various Baked Goods That I Could Buy That I Felt Did Not Compromise What I Wanted To Eat Yes There's Always Compromising When You Are Dieting For Diabetes Or Whatever But I Really Like The Fact That I Could Come In Here And Look At A Selection Of Pastries Both Every Day And For Celebrations Like Birthdays

And These Pastries I Could Consume I Was Very Aware At Every Turn At Every Turn And You Know If You Are Diabetic You Know How Important This Is Of The Carbohydrates That I Was Consuming They Were Always Slow But I Always Wanted To Know So The Nutrition Information Was In Front Of Me And The Baked Goods Were Really Really Good So I Became A Patron Of This Bakery Almost Immediately.

I Want To Make Sure That This Store Continues To Be Successful Continues To Put Baked Goods That I Can Consume And My Family Can Consume My Friends Because They Are Fantastic And I Have Finally Found A Place Where I Don't Need To Compromise On Taste Or Texture When It Comes To The Baked Goods.

And That Helps Me Tremendously For My Life So I Hope That This Is Helpful To You And Come And Get It

Because It's Here Right Here On Abernathy Rd. In Sandy Springs, GA Thank You Very Much For The Opportunity. And I'll Sign Off For Now.

Thank you Jose!

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