Did you know? The largest integrative medical clinic in the South East is right here in Dunwoody. We’ve met the doctors and they are amazing – they speak our language about fighting sugar, grain flours and living the Low Carb Lifestyle.

Here is more info about Zambawango and Personalized Integrative Medicine at Progressive Medical Center.

Zambawango has served thousands of happy customers since we opened, and many of you have told us your stories of what drew you to our bakery and cafe. 

Some of you were just looking for a healthy treat, some are living the ketogenic lifestyle, some customers are gluten-free, and some have told us stories of their medical journey and how a bakery that produces ketogenic pastries and bread has opened up new possibilities for them as they navigated their diagnoses. 

People on a mission to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle, diabetics and those with other metabolic diseases, those in cancer treatment and recovery, and those with other dietary issues like gluten-sensitivity or celiac disease have found it possible to indulge in pizzas, bagels, bread, and desserts that they thought had to be forever eliminated from their lives. 

What this group of customers has in common is that through choice or medical necessity, they’ve had to change the way they live and chart a new course for health.

Whether this lifestyle is old hat or you’re newly embarked on a path for healthy living or are trying to recover your strength, you’ve probably realized that sometimes it can be tough and that you might need assistance. 

With that in mind, we thought you’d like to hear about a fantastic resource we have in the Atlanta area. Progressive Medical Center in Dunwoody is an integrative and functional medicine clinic that specializes in treating the whole person and getting to the root cause of illness. A lot of family practices (and even specialists) these days have practitioners that simply don’t have the time to listen to the stories of their patients to help sort out symptoms, let alone to help patients construct a new life plan. 

Family practice doctors may see 50 patients in a day and be somewhat constrained by their practice management groups, which are increasingly becoming large hospital groups. These types of practices may not even answer the phones anymore, instead having calls go to a recorded line or call center. 

Appointments are becoming harder to book, and when you do, you may wait weeks or even months to see a doctor. Add to that the fact that many traditional practitioners aren’t interested in anything “lifestyle” based, holistic, alternative, or even slightly different than the testing they usually order. There’s a better way- a medical clinic where the practitioners listen to your story and work in tandem with you to find a better way forward. Functional medicine at Progressive Medical Center means that the best of standard allopathic medicine is integrated with holistic, naturopathic, nutritional, and traditional medicines. You won’t wait weeks for an appointment, and your visits won’t be rushed. There’s also a well-stocked supplement store stocked with the highest quality vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals. 

Progressive Medical Center uses an integrative approach to weight loss and management as well. From a thorough evaluation of hormones, allergies and sensitivities, nutrition, and exercise plans as well as detox and supplement support, a consultation with one of the Progressive team of practitioners will result in a well-thought-out comprehensive plan for weight loss or weight management, including a meeting with one of our experienced nutritionists. 

Those with diabetes or another metabolic disease know that constant diligence of blood sugar levels is necessary and that lifestyle changes are important to manage your diabetes. Progressive believes in the holistic management of diabetes, utilizing traditional, integrative, and nutritional therapies and planning. With the right approach, it may be possible to reverse your diabetes, not just manage it. They enlist a variety of approaches to make sure you live your best life even with the challenge of diabetes and work with you to support you in a healthy lifestyle.

Progressive works with a number of patients undergoing chemotherapy or in remission from cancer. While undergoing chemo or radiation treatments, nutritional and botanical support can help strengthen your body and immune system. Our experts can help you navigate the complexities of treatment, supplements, and diet to help you feel as good as you can during treatments and to rebuild strength more quickly after. For those in cancer recovery, Progressive can help you determine the healthiest regimen for your body and help to rebuild your strength and immune function. 

One of the specialties at Progressive is working with those who have food allergies and/or sensitivities, including autoimmune conditions like Celiac and Crohn’s disease. Progressive partners with specialized functional medicine laboratories that offer food and environmental allergy and sensitivity tests that are more comprehensive than those often found at standard clinics. They are also experts at testing for, diagnosing, and treating inflammatory conditions related to foods and can offer a thorough evaluation to help you feel your best. 

We’re lucky to have an integrative medical center like this in the Atlanta area and decided to pass this along since so many of our customers are concerned with healthy living and fully understand that it often takes a comprehensive plan and help to live your best life. Call them today for a consultation or more information at 770-676-6000.

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