Recently, Allulose has gained traction amongst health-conscious individuals. Allulose is a natural, rare sugar that was found in wheat almost 70 years ago, but can also be found in small quantities in a variety of dry fruits like jackfruit, figs, and raisins. The sweetness of allulose is approximately 70% that of sucrose (white sugar). Allulose is extremely similar to traditional sugar in means of texture, taste, and baking ability.

Why is Allulose Beneficial for the Keto Diet?

The following are a few key benefits of allulose that has kept it in high demand among keto dieters:

  • Allulose is as sweet as sucrose; however, it has 90% fewer calories.
  • It has an extremely low glycemic index (meaning it doesn’t spike the blood glucose level after its consumption). It is not metabolized like a normal sugar, but rather it is directly absorbed by the small intestine and is eliminated through urine
  • It is a natural, unrefined sugar.
  • It is not a sugar alcohol and is unlikely to cause gastric distress when consumed in moderation.  Side note... Swerve™ the natural sweetener we use along with Allulose contains Eryrthritol and Oligosacccharides (similar to fiber, and can help stimulate beneficial bacteria in the large intestine) and does not cause gastric distress associated with other sugar alcohols.
  • Taste-wise, there isn’t much difference between allulose and sugar. It has a clean and sweet taste, and the texture is also similar to sugar.
  • It is vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

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