How to Think Like a Futurist! Want to reframe your view of what lies ahead?

Innovation consultant Ari Wallach shares three transformative ways of thinking that could help us tackle our toughest problems.

I’ve been a futurist for more than 20 years, working with businesses and nonprofits to try to anticipate and meet impending challenges. When I first started out, I’d sit down with people and say, “Hey, let’s talk 10, 20 years out,” and they’d reply, “Great.” But gradually I’ve seen that time horizon get shorter and shorter, so much so that I recently met with a CEO and he said, “I want to talk about the next six months.” I call this kind of thinking “short-termism,” and it has pervaded every nook and cranny of our society, from our homes to our businesses to our government policies..

Read the full article here from TED Ideas.

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